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Omega Rhino
Poly MXR

The mixer required to ensure the job is completed with precision and excellence.


  1. Robust Aggregate Bin: A sturdy 12-yard heavy-duty fabricated steel aggregate bin and its supports ensure durability and reliability in your operations.

  2. Efficient Aggregate Division: The 70/30 steel aggregate divider optimizes material distribution for consistent results.

  3. Versatile Resin Storage: Our modular resin storage system can accommodate multiple forkliftable tanks, providing flexibility for your resin needs.

  4. Ease of Maintenance: A convenient drop-down auger boot simplifies cleaning, saving you time and effort.

  5. Weather Protection: The included weatherproof tarp for the aggregate bin keeps your materials dry and ready for use, even in challenging conditions.

  6. Precise Resin Control: Our resin control system ensures accuracy and consistency in resin application.

  7. Comprehensive Resin System: We offer a complete resin system, including activator/accelerator tanks, to support your manufacturing process.

  8. Efficient Cleaning: Simplify maintenance with a dedicated resin system cleaning feature, keeping your equipment in peak condition.

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