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Omega PB MXR

A trailer mounted self-contained unit powered by a 49HP Deutz dielse engine. It provides flexibility of purpose and ease of transport for any number of projects using pre-blended materials.


  • 18-foot 30,000 Lbs. GVWR Trailer 

    • Two 15,000-pound axies

  • Deutz 49 HP Diesel Power Unit with Air Compressor and Fuel Tank

  • Three-stage, bi-rotational pump and hydraulics common to Omega standard mixers

  • 250-gallon water tank 

  • Standardd hydraulic cooler package

  • 2 aluminum chutes 

  • Material Bin: 

    • 100 cu ft

    • Equipped with pneumatic piston vibrator and fluffer

    • Two windows to visually monitor product use 

  • Standard auger with quarter-inch fighting 

  • High output package 8 cubic Feet per Minute 

  • Stub chute 

  • Standard Omega Swing / Hoist and Hoist auger controls 

  • 10-gallon per minute water flow 

  • Standard Omega Wash out and air hose

  • Standard Omega control panel on the driver's side of the unit 

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